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Slinging The Rock…Legally!

The Ball Coach radar from Pocket Radar is easy to use tool for becoming a better shooter. You can really stand out on the field with a consistently fast shot. Shooting well can help any offensive player make a name for themselves, and can get defensive players on the other side of the stat sheet. Being a better shooter will never hurt your game and shooting is a ton of fun! Check out our article on playing lacrosse as a sport, not playing a position, to understand. Using a Ball Coach from Pocket radar will let you track your shooting progress and become a better shooter.

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Become A Big Time Shooter

One of the best ways to earn playing time in Lacrosse is by getting looks on Special Teams, and Man Up is one of those areas that can get you glory as a goal scorer. Man Up is all about having reliable stick skills, knowing how to play the 2 man game, and being able to score when asked to. That scoring comes from good shooting. In order to get goals out of the brief moments when you are open, you have to shoot quickly, accurately, and with some power too. You can always work on snapping your shots with a quicker release, and you know when you are hitting the corners or missing. But, knowing how fast you are shooting is very difficult to judge. While shooting fast isn’t always the most advised method for scoring, it gets goals. Especially long distance goals. The only way to get your shot faster is to repetitively practice shooting at above a certain speed. This comes from your form, strength, and muscle memory.

Shooters Shoot!


Having a consistently hard shot can be achieved many ways, but none is more reliable than practice. Productive and reliable repetition will make you a better shooter and the Ball Coach radar by Pocket Radar can help with that. Some will tell you that lifting to improve their core and forearm strength will make you a stronger shooter, and it will; but, a better form is where you will gain true speed. I am by no means the strongest player on my team, and I have never been. I also won’t be the strongest player unless tomorrow I joined an 8th-grade team, yet I have always had one of the fastest shots because of how I shoot. Using the Ball Coach to measure which shots are actually fastest is going to help you narrow down how you shoot with one strong and consistent motion.

How’s It Work?

The Pocket Radar measures the speed of your shot and can even give you averages/highs of your shooting session. It will let you know when you are really hammering home your shots vs when you are just tossing them at the goal. The Pocket Radar can be used by a person that is not the shooter to get readings or hands-free by setting it into Constant-On mode with a tripod. An upside to shooting with a friend is that forces you to work with others. This means you will be able to have someone watch your form and give you feedback. Another suggestion if you are having someone use The Pocket Radar to measure your shots is to have them video tape you while you shoot. A few clips of your fastest shots can let you see what form works best for you. Many players such as Kyle Harrison use the Pocket Radar to improve their game, so why don’t you and your teammates follow suit. More college teams than you think are utilizing The Pocket Radar to improve their shooting skill/form and it will only help you get better.

A Great Bang for Your Buck!

The Ball Coach from Pocket Radar is the most affordable pro-level radar gun on the market. At $299.99, you will definitely be getting the most bang for your buck. Getting your whole team to throw for one make the price more like $20 a person. Bringing the Pocket Radar to a practice can really liven up a shooting drill and fosters healthy competition among players.

The accuracy of the Pocket Radar is reliable and consistent, but like all other radars, it can make mistakes. “Ghost Readings” are readings that have detected something else besides your shot that has skewed the reading. Examples include cars driving by, planes, electrical wires, strong frequencies from radio/cell towers, or strong weather. Making sure to avoid these will make your readings more accurate, just be smart about your readings. If you randomly get an 115 MPH reading it probably is a mistake and you need to move on.

Build Your Arsenal

Using the Pocket Radar can help make you a better shooter, and in turn a better player if used correctly. Put the Ball Coach in your training arsenal if you really need to be a better shooter. Becoming the best shooter is possible without the Ball Coach, but it is very helpful. Picking one up is just another way to make your training a little easier and track your progress. Learning from your progress is the best way to get better, and isn’t that why we all play? Check out their website and talk to your teammates/Coaches about getting a Ball Coach.

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