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Surgeon 500 Arm Guards: For the Elite Players

The Surgeon 500 arm guards are the latest arm guards from STX, designed for elite attack men. I knew I had to pick up a pair the day they were released. Their low profile design and incredibly dense padding creates a great arm guard to protect, and provide mobility.

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stx surgeon 500 arm guards review

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STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guards: After Half  A Season

I have used the STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guards | Tired Of Heavy Checks & Bruised Arms? for about half a season of college play and my arms couldn’t be more thankful. Every kind of check just bounces off these pads with ease. The Surgeon 500s, unlike most other arm guards on the market, deflect checks. Most other pads just absorb the check, allowing the force of the check to stick with you. Their D-FLKT technology Cascades the padding down the arm to make the checks glide off the pads. The pads channel over each other which acts like scales on a reptile. This is sleek and effective for fast play.

stx surgeon 500 arm guards review

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STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guards: The Finer Details

The mobility of the pads surprised me because they are on the heavy side, but that is the dense padding. Compared to my older stallion arm guards they are noticeably heavier yet the mobility feels almost the same. With comfort being a big factor in arm guards, STX did a great job with adding a very smooth yet tight fitting compression sleeve that pulls the pads across your arms rather than up and down like traditional arm guards. I’m not a bulky guy. Surgeon 500s stay in place on my arm, unlike most other arm guards that always slipped down. The pad once pulled up sticks to your arm very well and the straps keep it tight in place.

stx surgeon 500 arm guards review

Having the straps connect on the inside of the arm is my only complaint. My jersey and straps snag together when I move my arms.  It’s a slight annoyance, but the protection makes up for it. I would recommend these arm guards to any elite level attack man that really likes to lean into their defender and takes checks. While being more on the expensive side I think the Surgeon 500s are worth the extra cash, your arms will thank you.

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