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2017 Men’s Lacrosse Stringing Rules
ncaa lacrosse stringing rules

NFHS & NCAA Lacrosse Stringing Rules & Regulations

  • When a referee checks your pocket he will hold your stick perpendicular to the ground and slowly turn it 90 degrees forward to see if the ball falls out. If it does not fall out then this is an illegal pocket by definition and you need to change your lacrosse stringing.
  • Your lacrosse pocket should not be deeper than one lacrosse ball. If there is a gap between your stick and your lacrosse head then that is defined as illegal.

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NCAA Lacrosse Stick Rules 2017 -lacrosse head rules

NOTE: This is for College Lacrosse See High School Lacrosse Rules 2017 Below

  • Lacrosse heads must be a minimum of 3 inches wide at the throat
  • The mid-point of the lacrosse head must be a minimum of 3.5 inches. The midpoint is defined as being 5 inches from the start of the plastic on the head.
  • The widest part of the head near the scoop must be at least 6 inches in width.

NFHS Lacrosse Rules 2017 – head rules & regulation

  • In high school, players lacrosse heads must be a minimum of 3 inches wide at the throat.
  • The widest point of the lacrosse head near the scoop must be a minimum 6.5 inches wide.
  • From the top of the scoop to the throat of the lacrosse head must be at least 10 inches in length.

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NCAA Shooting String Rules & Regulations:

  • Excess string hanging from the lacrosse head should not be longer than two inches.
  • Measuring from the top of the scoop, you cannot have any lacrosse shooting strings past the 4-inch mark.

Clarification for past & future rules:

  • Warrior Lacrosse recently came out with a new lacrosse head called the Warp. This head has the pocket fixed to the lacrosse head and is not replaceable. The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Association released an official statement saying that it is legal for play and referees should check the same way as a normal stick.
  • For the 2017 spring lacrosse season, you can still have multiple colored lacrosse mesh and strings. This rule was changed from the 2016 spring season where they made it illegal to use multiple colored pieces of mesh.
  • In the future, look for NFHS to adopt the NCAA rules & regulations regarding lacrosse heads.

Helpful Sources:

  • US Lacrosse provides an Equipment Fitting Guide for first time players, coaches and parents.
  • Due to controversial interpretations of both NCAA and NFHS lacrosse stringing rules, referees have been inconsistent in how they check players stick. This is mostly due to diagrams and wording not matching up and being interpreted differently within the official rulebook. This article is based on what we think is the accurate interpretations of these rules. Here is the link for the official rules if you would like to check them out. (NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules of the Game) I have also included a photo posted by LaxRoom on Instagram, in which shows the controversial interpretations below.

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