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Lacrosse Tape Jobs & How To Tape a Lacrosse Stick

When it comes to taping your lacrosse stick there are a few different lacrosse stick tape designs that you can try. Some players have pre-game rituals and re-tape their stick prior to every game; while others like myself, use the same lacrosse tape jobs until they have to re-tape their stick.

The lacrosse tape is not an aspect of your lacrosse stick that can make you better. It can, however, enhance your control of your stick depending on your preference. Players typically use tape when they first start playing to remind them where to put their hands when shooting & passing.

When I first started teaching my brother how to play lacrosse when he was four, I wrote shooting and passing on the two locations so he had an added reminder. It seems silly, but it helped him a lot and eventually I retaped his stick without the writing.

Lacrosse Tape Jobs that I will Cover in this Article:

lacrosse stick tape job

  1. The Candy Cane
  2. The Criss-Cross
  3. The Fat Butt End
  4. Finger Holder
  5. The Baseball Ball
  6. The Donut
  7. Half Way Criss Cross
  8. Non-Tape Alternative 


Lacrosse Tape Rules

  1. No lacrosse tape can touch your head!
  2. If you take faceoffs then you must have a contrasting color of tape to your shaft. This means that if you have a white shaft you cannot have white tape or if you have a black shaft you cannot have black tape for faceoffs. Also, you can not have multiple layers at the top of your stick when taking faceoffs.
  3. You must have a butt end, I would suggest a rubber one or plastic. Some players tape a quarter to the end of the shaft and then just tape over it. This method is common, but I have never been a fan. Also getting caught with a homemade butt “could” land you an illegal equipment penalty.

Best Tape To Use For Your Lacrosse Stick

  1. String King Tape (Double Pack)
  2. String King Tape (Single Pack)
    • Just Incase You Don’t Want The Two Pack
  3. Howies Hockey Tape (Single Roll)
    • Price is $3.00
    • Not Pre-Cut
    • They Have Been Around For a While
    • High Quality

Lacrosse Butt Ends Should Be ConsideredTop Five Lacrosse Butt Ends  

Quick Tips For Taping Your Lacrosse Shaft

  • Start from the bottom of your shaft and work your way up, rather than from the top down. This will help the tape lay flat and not pull up or roll up. This will also increase the life of your tape job so you don’t have to retape as often.
  • Use a hair blow dryer to heat up your tape after its applied to your lacrosse shaft and run your hand over it to ensure its secured. This helps prevent the tape from rolling or giving you those little frays that are annoying.
  • If you don’t like really grippy lacrosse tape then take an old pair of gloves and twist the palms on your shaft to remove the excessive adhesive.
  • Clean your lacrosse tape before you re-tape it. This helps ensure that your tape will have the best contact with your shaft. This, in turn, will provide you with a longer lasting tape job.

Things not to do while taping your lacrosse shaft:

  • Don’t use wax on it. I once had a player tell me that he would take some candle wax and rub it on his tape so it wasn’t as sticky. This did not work and I just wasted my tape since I did not like how it felt.
  • Like I said above, don’t start at the top!
  • Don’t re-tape your lacrosse stick prior to a game if you do not like really grippy tape. This will only throw your game off.

The Candy Cane and Criss Cross Lacrosse Tape Jobs

I personally have never been a big fan of these styles of tape on my shafts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! The reason why I have never been a fan is for functionality reasons. When it comes to looks, these tape jobs will add some flair to your game. Lyle Thompson in this video from The Lacrosse Network says he uses a criss-cross style of tape when he plays field lacrosse but when playing box he just tapes his stick halfway up.

lacrosse stick tape job

The Fat But End and The Finger Holder Tape Job

The top shaft is a great example of using tape to lock your fingers in place.  This type of tape job is great for a player who often gets checked a lot or someone looking for a Lil extra security. To get this effect all you have to do is use strips of tape and make placements where your fingers will be. I suggest wearing your gloves when you do this. The fat butt end concept is used to have a little extra weight when cranking a shot and a strong hand hold.

The Baseball Butt End and The Donut Lacrosse Tape Jobs

These two shafts are my personal gamers and resemble both of the ways that I like to tape my sticks. The top one which is an old cut Surgeon Sci-Ti has a large butt end for shooting purposes. The large donut at the end of my stick prevents my hand from slipping when I pull down with my bottom hand.  I utilize a single strip of tape that is pretty thick near the top of my shaft for my top hand. I usually will hold it between my middle and ring finger. The second shaft which is an older Sci-Ti Pro that was once a D-pole has the donut a little bit higher up on the shaft. This allows for the concept of a shorter shaft so when defenders are checking you it’s harder to hit your stick. Recently I upgraded to RoketMesh Tapesaver Butt Ends which you should check out if you are a fan of this.

lacrosse stick tape job

The Half Way Criss-Cross Tape Job and Bottle Cap Butt End

The Nike Pursuit is a pretty grippy shaft comparable to one of those old Brine Swizzbeats which is why it’s taped this way. It allows the shafts grip to still appear but less frequent allowing your hand to move more freely. There is no tape at the top of the shaft which allows a strong grip when cradling the ball one-handed or just through traffic.

lacrosse stick tape job

Concluding Thoughts

Tape is a personal preference for any player and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Experiment with different styles to see which one you like the most and then stick with it.  Keeping your stick as consistent as you can is always the move. Lastly, If you have any suggestions for articles or something we missed feel free to comment below or shoot us an email at info@stringerssociety.com. Thanks Again for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for all the major advancements and latest news.

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