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Myles Jones was kind enough to discuss SportStar lacrosse chinstraps with us at LaxCon 2018 and let us get to know him. It’s no secret that Myles is a freak on the field, but did you know he loves blue Gatorade. This is just one fun fact we found out from Myles when he was stealing the show at LaxCon this past year.

SportStar Lacrosse Chinstraps Are A Comfort and Convenience

The worst part about having a bad chinstrap is that it can distract you. No one wants to be thinking about their blistering chin when they’re in the middle of a play. The different SportStar lacrosse chinstraps provide superior comfort and protection compared to other brands. Besides being protective with a hard shell, the chinstraps are also designed to prevent moisture build-up so that your chin stays dry and clean.

Customized From Chin to Toe?

You read that right! SportStar offers several options so that you can customize your look in ways you never thought possible. Myles Jones was displaying his custom box lacrosse helmet with his very own SportStar lacrosse chinstrap during our interview, and it was unreal. Besides different color and pattern options, SportStar offers three levels of hard-shelled lacrosse chinstraps. There is also a soft style option that comes in three colors and is made from a much more comfortable material than your standard lacrosse chinstrap.

What We Learned About Myles Jones

Myles is a super approachable guy and really loves the products that he represents. It’s also no surprise he was so open to promoting the SportStar lacrosse chinstrap because of its quality. Myles also shared that he is an Offset fan who can’t stop binging on Netflix. Besides being an absolute monster who takes over the game, Myles is also a man who can’t stop smiling. His positive attitude and dedicated support of SportStar completely convinced us that they should be trusted whenever your chin needs any help.

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