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Every player ends their season with everything to gain in the offseason. The problem is putting in the work to accomplish bettering yourself and your lacrosse IQ. From a coaches perspective the lacrosse season never really ends. Off Season Lacrosse Training helps you better your craft by working on your stick skills and putting the time in the weight room.

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Another source of off-season lacrosse training is knowledge, watch either college lacrosse/ major league lacrosse to learn good habits and apply it to your game. You can also watch your old game film to see what mistakes you make, and how to overcome those bad habits.

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Watching lacrosse helps you see the game from a different perspective. After watching more lacrosse you will start honing in on “on-field” opportunities that you may not have noticed before. There are many ways to better yourself in the offseason, but one thing players struggle with is finding motivation. If you don’t apply yourself and apply yourself in the off-season you can’t just expect to play. Remember, there are other players fighting for the same spot you are so put in the extra work that they aren’t. Do off-season lacrosse training but don’t ignore your stick.

Off Season Lacrosse Training Goals to Set for a Successful Summer:

  1. Hit the wall every day for an hour (Alternate hands)
  2. Start a workout regiment and stick to it (Record weights to show improvement)
  3. Cardiovascular exercise is a must and gives you a leg up during the season
  4. Watch film and study the game to increase your lacrosse IQ
  5. Teach younger lacrosse and give back to the community
  6. Play for a Club Team to increase connections and better your game
  7. Involve yourself in other sports to better your conditioning but also to build your resume as well
  8. Continue to stay in touch with teammates to build chemistry as a unit
  9. Depending on your position you should either be taking shots, shooting, or doing one on ones with another teammate to work on dodging and defense
  10. Eating the right food is a must especially when you have a solid workout regiment

These ten goals are more than likely what your coach has constantly preached to you. If you follow these goals you will see a difference in not only your play but also your daily activities. Also, you will learn life skills such as time management, responsibility, and bettering your resume.

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