An Intro to the best type of Lacrosse Mesh for your playing style

In recent years, the lacrosse market has blown up causing many different brands of lacrosse mesh to pop up. More choices with lots of different technologies and methods. What was once an easy choice between a few companies has become an overwhelming task for some.If you rather not waste your money on a piece of lacrosse mesh that you will never end up using then I would advise you to continue reading. Wait, so what’s the best lacrosse mesh? Well, It Depends on many different factors, which I will go into in a moment. First, you have to understand that all lacrosse meshes are not created equal. Depending on what style of player you are, certain types of lacrosse mesh can excel your game or work better than others. Just think about it, have you ever picked up a friends stick and asked yourself how he plays with it? 

Rather than ask yourself, “What’s the best lacrosse mesh?”

You should ask yourself, “what’s the best lacrosse mesh for me?”

Questions to be considered when choosing a piece of mesh:

  1. What do I want out of my lacrosse mesh?
  2. Do I value hold over consistency?
  3. What skills do I need for my position? Does the mesh enhance those skills?)
  4. What do I want to do with my current mesh that I currently can’t do?

An overview of the Notable Styles of Lacrosse Mesh

Performance Mesh: Due to a majority of companies jumping on the term of “performance mesh” after String King announced it, there isn’t really a concrete definition to describe it. Companies then, in turn, use the term to describe “higher quality mesh” that is made with better materials. Until the shift to performance mesh, almost all lacrosse mesh was made out of nylon thread.

Check out this video from String King on where the name for Performance Lacrosse Mesh came from.

6 Diamond Lacrosse Mesh – Lax Room Lacrosse 

6 Diamond Mesh that only has 6 diamonds across the row, rather than the usual 10 diamonds. This mesh was originally created to act like a traditional pocket, but sadly never yielded the benefits it promised. At the time it was created, there was only hard and soft mesh. This hindered the functionality of the mesh, taking the function out of a good theory. This was because the knuckles of the mesh didn’t allow for the pocket to shift like a traditional lacrosse stick.

Since then, times have changed and the invention of performance mesh has become the norm. Six diamond lacrosse mesh has been recreated by Lax Room, who was able to create a piece of performance 6 diamond mesh that was thinner and shifted well and promised the benefits of a traditional. I actually used this piece of mesh on my gamer this year and absolutely loved it.

Wax Lacrosse Mesh – East Coast Dyes & Throne Of String

Is just plain lacrosse mesh that is coated or infused with wax at a low temperature. There are multiple types of wax that can be used, such as microcrystalline, paraffin (refined or fully refined) or beeswax. There are two main sizes of wax mesh which are 15 & 20 millimeter. The majority of most lacrosse mesh is 15 mm, which Greg from East Coast Dyes describes as the standard diamond size for the majority of players.

On the other hand, 20mm lacrosse mesh is something that you don’t see as much, especially at the younger level. Due to the larger diamond sizes, it typically is harder for a beginner player to string, but provides many benefits if strung properly. I never really saw many players using 20mm wax mesh until I started playing in college. Since then I have become a big fan of 20 mm.

Lacrosse Mesh Buying Guide And Different Lacrosse Positions

A detailed guide to the best meshes for specific play styles is coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for updates; but for now, we have a great look into the mesh for “Average Joes”. Also, keep in mind that those “Average Joes” can become incredible players with some hard work, experience, knowledge, and using the correct mesh!

The Best Lacrosse Mesh for Beginners

When you are new to the game of lacrosse, or still learning the fundamentals, the last thing you need to worry about is finding the best mesh for your playing style. To simplify things for new players to the game, I have narrowed down the selection to two choices. Luckily, I was able to provide a cost efficient suggestion and an average priced suggestion which, both I have used during my college lacrosse career.

Lax Room Prototype 5x Lacrosse Mesh

  • This mesh is very soft which will make catching easier
  • It’s hard to add whip when stringing which for beginners is perfect
  • It’s CHEAP! Only $7.50
  • Better than traditional lacrosse mesh and is weather proof

String King 3s Lacrosse Mesh

  • Very high-quality performance mesh that will last a long time
  • Also very soft which will make catching easier
  • When it comes to consistency, String King prides themselves on it
  • It is more expensive though, coming in at $24.99
  • It has a 3-month warranty which, I guess is better than nothing

Best Lacrosse Mesh For Defense | Defensive Players in Middle School & High School

When it comes to picking mesh for a defensive player, ball security is your primary objective. When the ball is in your stick you have to worry about clearing it without dropping it and having consistent passes to your teammates. For this, there are two solid choices of lacrosse mesh that I have narrowed down the search to.

 String King 3x Performance Mesh

  • This is a high-quality piece of mesh that will last you up to two seasons
  • Semi-Hard Mesh
  • Most Texture out of String Kings product line
  • More Rigid and Focused Pocket
  • Smooth Release but extra hold!

East Coast Dyes Semi-Soft Wax Mesh 

  • Coated in wax for extra hold and ball security
  • Though you do get extra hold, wax mesh tends to be inconsistent
  • Also, I have had bad batches of wax mesh where they get really hard or bag too much

Best Lacrosse Mesh For Attack-men | Offensive Players in Middle School and High School

When looking for mesh for offensive players you should look for consistency, feel, and ball security. For this reason, I almost always stick with performance mesh and I’ve tried the majority of them. The ones that I have had the best results with and believe that they are a good starting point for any offensive player in Middle School or High School are outlined below.

String King 3x Performance Mesh

  • Solid review here
  • This is a high-quality piece of mesh that will last you up to two seasons
  • Semi-Hard Mesh
  • Most Texture out of String Kings product line
  • More Rigid and Focused Pocket
  • Smooth Release but extra hold!

Throne of String Fiber Mesh

Lax Room 6 Diamond Mesh

East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh

  • Super Soft and has a lot of hold
  • Nice feel when shooting and passing
  • Vey nice ball security when running through traffic
  • BUT, after 3 months heavy use I believe it gets pretty inconsistent and have tried three pieces to test my theory

I hope that this article was able to provide clarity for those of you who are looking to buy a new piece of lacrosse mesh. No matter what piece you end up choosing they are all great options and made with great materials. Don’t forget that you can always email us at [email protected], Tweet us, or Comment Below if you have any questions.