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Becoming a better lacrosse player isn’t an instantaneous process. Lacrosse training can be an intense and lengthy process that breaks you down. However, you must be broken down to be built back up and we have a list of the best tools for the job. It takes a lot of dedication to become the best lacrosse player, but it’s absolutely worth it. With the following lacrosse training accessories, your journey simply becomes a lot easier.

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  1. TRX Suspension Trainer – Workout anywhere and strengthen any muscle with this training system. It uses you your body weight to burn fat and make lean muscle.  
  2. Weighted Vest – Good resistance tool to add more body weight to increase the difficulty of an exercise.  Builds power, muscle, and speed.
  3. Jump Rope– Solid for warm-ups, but can also greatly increase your agility and footwork.
  4. Ladders – Endless foot patterns for you to do to improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction.
  5. Parachute – Made to add some resistance while running, it helps increase stamina, strength, and endurance.
  6. Mini Hurdles – Easy to use anywhere and really nice for improving foot speed and coordination.
  7. Cones – Used in many drills to mark defenders, a starting point, or out of bounds.
  8. Resistance Bands – You can use them in the gym and add it to equipment or just use your own body weight.  Different amounts of resistance for different bands really add to a workout. You can use them in many many ways and get creative too.
  9. Balance disk –  Used for more than one use as well; but, it really focuses on body control, balance, and your core.
  10. Medicine Balls – Another product that can be used in many exercises to hit all muscle groups efficiently anywhere.  
  11. Wall Ball Bounce Back – Simple for everyone to use for increased stick skills. Passing and catching are huge so this can be a massive benefit.  
  12. Back Stop For Lacrosse Shooting – So you don’t have to waste time chasing balls or lose any.  
  13. Lacrosse Goal Blocker – Simulate a goalie being in net and shoot for specific spots instead of just the corners.
  14. Lax Targets – Practice picking off the corners, great tool if your corners are already ripped.  
  15. Wall Ball Training Lace – Neat little training tool you attach to your stick that increases shot speed and power; along with harder, more accurate passes.
  16. A Case of Lacrosse Balls – Unfortunately, everyone loses balls and they lose their true grip eventually as well so get a large case and get to ripping.  
  17. Portable Crease – For an X dodger, a crease monkey or just anyone wanting to know where they are placing bounce shots while they are practicing at home.  They are super portable and easy to set up.
  18. D-Man Defensive Mannequin – Stable and lightweight obstacle to work as a life-size defender in any drills.  Blocks your vision from the goal you have to move around the “man.”
  19. Swax Lax Numbered Weighted Goalie Lacrosse Training Balls – Cool training tool for goalies to use where they have to call out the number and or color of the ball.  Feels the same on saves and clears as well.
  20. Shaker / Blender Bottle- Before training, during and after you need to hydrate.  Along with getting in electrolytes and protein to help in growth and recover.
  21. Foam Roller – Great massager for your body to help increase blood flow to your muscles and helps with recovery.  
  22. Muscle Roller Massage Stick – Similar to the foam roller but this one is a little more versatile as it is hand and flexible.  It helps accelerate muscle recovery and can activate your muscles before exercise.
  23. Spiky massage ball for feet – For all the running or exercise you should be doing as a lacrosse player you can get pretty sore feet.  This product is a great cure to push some soreness points out.
  24. Lifting/Training Shoes –  Training shoes help with feet positioning and cushioning for high impact activity. More of an “all in one workout type of shoe” compared to running shoes.  Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 NIKE Men’s Metcon 3 Training Shoe
  25. TheraGun G2PRO – A little more on the pricey side but you get what you pay for.  It is a high-grade handheld vibration therapy massager. Like the other massaging tools it activates your muscles and relieves your pain.  Comes with a ball and cone to reach deeper tissue.

The previous 25 items all have a purpose and while not all of them are necessary, they can all be very beneficial for lacrosse training. Without these products, you can absolutely become an amazing player; however, these can simplify that journey. Keeping your body in great shape allows you to play more often and for longer, which only makes you better. So take your training, fitness, and recovery seriously by thinking about how to improve your lacrosse training efficiency.

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