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Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head Review & Stringing

The Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head is a great unit to have in your arsenal, This head has a great shape and has the capabilities to take a beating. This head is designed for those players who like the middle ground between a pinched head and a wide head. The sidewall offers you many options to provide you with the perfect pattern so you can find that ideal pocket.

The engineers that designed this head used a symrail twist technology. This technology was able to produce a lightweight and durable head. The head also offers another technology known as TruOffset. It is a patented use of the head that lowers the sidewall below the center line of the shaft. This lowers your pocket for optimum hold and increased power on shots.warrior burn x lacrosse head review

Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head Review

The pocket was designed to for an attackman in which wants a decent amount of hold while being able to finish inside and take outside rips. I definitely would consider the pocket to be shifty with a mid channel. With trying to accommodate for the attack who it trying to be an outside shooter, we have a mid pocket that has a smooth release to the ball. This allows for the player to be able to finish inside.

warrior burn x lacrosse head review

Overall Impression of The Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head is exactly what an offensive threat looks like and provides for a player that wants to excel on the offensive side of the ball. Would not recommend for a defensive player. That being said if you’re more of an aggressive player this head might not be for you. Due to Twist Technology, it takes away a good amount of weight for the head but still, has the stiffness. The only negative side of this head is that it tends to flatten out towards the top, as any head would after a period of time. This can become a huge disadvantage in the ground ball battle.

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